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 1996 Collector’s Edition, LT-4, 6 spd, 33,348 miles, all options but ride control.  Garaged its entire life, the last 13 years climate controlled.  No raindrop or snowflake has landed on it.  New Continental Z-rated tires, new complete stainless steel brake system, fiberglass leaf spring replaced (rear serviced at the same time).  Interior, including seats, show no wear.  Annual LOF (in spite of low miles) always the best Mobile One available.  Newer platinum plugs and wires, KN filter.  Brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant routinely changed per specifications. Rests on flat spot protection.  As with the last five Vettes I eventually sold over the last 30 some years, the words “Soooo, I guess there’s no negotiating on the price” will be spoken when the cover slides off.  That’s a Bloomington Gold, fully optioned and restored ’73 454/4spd with 30,234 original miles sleeping next to it.  If you buy the ’96 you get to ride in it…if it’s a nice day.  Making room for my loaded and restored ’69 Firebird Formula 400, 4 speed convertible.  Basking Ridge, NJ    
$18,000.00  OBO




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